More space for learning, research and teaching

In May, we introduced the new learning and working environment at the University Library of Kiel Albrechts University (CAU). At this point, we were already in the middle of the acoustic planning for the next construction phase. Our designer also used our acoustic baffles for this section. The size and height of the room, as well as other conditions on site, played a role in the selection of the appropriate product.

Thanks to the vertical suspension, our “apn® Lamella A” act like breakwaters, thus reducing sound propagation and preventing sound reflection from the ceiling. Consequently, the basic attenuation is optimized by the outstanding acoustic properties. Between our baffles, the existing ventilation shafts, ducts and pipes blend into the design and together form a homogeneous and airy ceiling appearance. In this construction phase, a conscious decision was made not to use an eye-catching ceiling design. However, to tease out that little something extra from the restrained design, the acoustic baffles were aligned with the glass facade in an angled cut.

After the order confirmation was issued by Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein AöR (GMSH), our production team was able to start manufacturing the approximately 3,082 linear meters of acoustic baffles. Currently, our installation crew is in the process of suspending this multitude of “apn® Lamella A” from the ceiling using wire ropes. Based on our current construction site update, one can wonderfully see the exact working method of all departments at apn®: The precisely fitting planning and execution show precision work in perfect perfection.
We are very excited to see how the rooms will change with the interior – we will report!