apn® wall and its possibilities

Room acoustics can be optimized in many ways.

Particularly when soundproofing solutions cannot be implemented on the room ceiling - or do not sufficiently improve room acoustics on their own - wall absorbers are an ideal solution. The absorbers minimize sound reflections from the walls, contributing to relaxed, comfortable room acoustics.

Incidentally, the acoustic absorbers on the wall contribute to a sustainable improvement of the room climate and can also be used as a bulletin board. We also offer a wide range of colors in RAL and NSC code, direct printing on acoustic fleece or over 420 fabrics from our fabric collections.

Wandabsorber Akustikabsorber Akustiklösung für die Wand

Wall absorbers – our apn® Forma series

Whether for basic acoustic damping or as a supplement to the ceiling system – the apn® Forma acoustic wall absorbers shine with enormous absorption and set colorful accents in the room through a variety of design options. Colorful, discreetly homogeneous or in house colors – in addition to improving room acoustics, our wall absorbers offer individual wall design options.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • easy & flexible mounting (apn® sys-z profile, apn® sys-d anchor plate, apn® sys direct mounting or project-specific solutions like apn® sys-mc magnetic mounting)
  • customized formats & individual sizes
  • individual colors, shapes & surfaces
  • usable as pinboard
grafik Wandabsorber Akustikabsorber für die Wand

Wall absorbers – our apn® Regatta

The design element. Like colorful sails of a regatta, our high-performance absorbers unite on the wall. A combination of geometric surfaces with three different depths gives our absorber 3-dimensionality. The selected colors form a harmonious overall picture and can also be customized. Acoustics and aesthetics combined in one design product.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • easy & flexible mounting (apn® sys-d anchor plate) six formats, suitable for any room situation
  • Surfaces in various color combinations, each consisting of three selected colors from the apn® fabric collection
  • usable as pinboard
Grafik mobiles Memoboard apn Formanker

Wall absorber – our apn® form anchor

Share important information, ideas or announcements and incidentally improve the room acoustics. The transportable acoustic memoboard apn® Formanker combines a stylish piece of furniture with flexible mobility and enormous sound absorption. The integrated magnetic strips and attached rubber bands set no limits to creative design. In addition, the apn® form anchor can also be used as a pin board.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • mobile & flexible (thanks to leather straps on the side)
  • multifunctional (can be used as pinboard, magnetic strip & clipboard)
  • customized colors & finishes
Grafik Akustik Kabine Wandabsorber Abschottung Telefonkabine

Acoustic booth – apn® Trockendock series

The acoustic booths of the apn® Trockendock series shine with an enormous absorption and create in reverberant rooms the possibility to withdraw for a phone call or conversation. They are highly functional, discreet and inviting. Especially the variants made of felt provide high dust binding and thus more pleasant air in the room.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • in two formats & six different color combinations from two selected colors each
  • optionally available with storage table & LED lighting with USB slot
  • usable as pinboard (inside & outside)
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