Acoustic solution ceiling Acoustic dragon kindergarten

noise reduction

Subsequent acoustic renovation - Imaginative and suitable for children

For this northern German KiTa, we went into wonderful fantasy worlds in terms of design to create an acoustic solution that also visually reflects the world of the children. We are particularly proud of the result: The majestic acoustic dragon apn® Vinta Free Drache, floats sublimely between cloud-shaped acoustic elements apn® Vinta A Cloud and the ceiling panels apn® Vinta A.

It measures an impressive span of 4.90 m and consists of a combination of highly absorbent, specially cut ceiling panels and baffles that bring much-needed peace and quiet to the daycare center. In the entrance area, the dragon hovers high above the children's heads, but when they are in the gallery, it gives the impression that it is flying towards the children - a nice visual effect from two different perspectives!

It is supported by our whale "Oke" from the apn® Kids Graphics series, which combines child-friendly wall tattoos with round acoustic absorbers. This child-friendly acoustic product is also highly absorbent and also transforms the wall into a wonderful underwater world.

  • acoustic consulting
  • conceptual planning
  • customized acoustic products
  • own production
  • mounting

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