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Room acoustics and room design belong together. For this reason, we at apn® develop acoustic solutions that set design accents through a high aesthetic standard and do justice to a modern room design. Room acoustics can also be subsequently optimized and visually integrated in existing rooms. As in our project example.

For the visitor area we have developed an acoustic solution with colored and white ceiling panel apn® Vinta A and apn® Vinta Circle. The design task here was to pick up on the client's unique room design and branding and support it with the acoustic elements.

For this, our apn® lighting specialist has come up with a particularly creative solution in collaboration with our in-house product design department. He created acoustic lights in the shape of the famous logo key. These lights are also reflected in the design of the carpet, resulting in a rounded and coherent design concept.

Due to the individual, project-related solution, the design is unmistakable and in this way transports the company identity.

Photos: ROOM37 / Irina Neumann

  • acoustic consulting
  • conceptual planning
  • customized acoustic products
  • own production
  • mounting

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