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3. March 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

We sail to Hamburg …

Our acoustician, together with our project developer, is sailing to Hamburg for apn at DAGA 2023.

The 49th Annual Meeting on Acoustics will take place from 06. to 09 March at the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. Hundreds of expert presentations from the colorful world of acoustics are already waiting to be heard.

From Tuesday, March 7, the foyer of the Congress Center will be transformed into an exhibition area and we – as a genuine North German room acoustics manufacturer – will of course be part of the party:

You will find us on level X at booth no. 12

Exhibition hours:
Tuesday, March 07, 08:00 – 18:00
Wednesday, March 08, 08:00 – 18:00
Thursday, March 09, 08:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Object-related acoustic solutions

We cannot serve every project with our extensive standard range. When custom acoustic solutions or customer-specific design requests are required, our in-house contract construction department – our Akustikwerft – steps in. Mixing our standard portfolio with object-specific acoustic solutions is also no problem for us, as the following project shows!

After our sales representative had made an on-site visit to the client’s premises, he got down to work and came up with an acoustic concept that would suit the company and the premises.

He used acoustic products from our immense standard range: our easy-to-install, plain white acoustic ceiling sails “apn® Vinta A” and the three-dimensional fabric-covered wall absorber module “apn® Forma FH Stripes” in the company’s corporate design.

On the part of our customer the in-house graduate architect designed an own creation of our wall absorber “apn® Forma FH Free”. After checking the technical feasibility and minimal adjustments on our part, the wall absorber module was handmade in our Akustikwerft.

The acoustic and visual centerpiece of the new office space towers over two floors of the staircase, measures a proud 2.40 m x 4.80 m and consists of 15 different elements in three different thicknesses. In order to also optimally acoustically dampen the corridor area, the graduate engineer architect designed an additional “miniature” variant.

When will you start your acoustic project with us?

15. February 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

The role of the Future Corporate Brand

The role of the corporate brand will play an increasingly important role in the future. Flexible work locations and remote work are changing the status of a company’s premises from mere workplaces to tangible places of corporate culture. They serve the meeting and communication between employees as well as customers.

The office becomes a place that attracts, captivates, engages and inspires people again and again. The design of this place plays an important role and it is necessary to implement the identity of the company up to the furniture, up to the details.

Such a place with soul was created by interior designer Imke Stüven in the new customer area of the AKQUINET building at Bramfelder Spitze in Hamburg. With the choice of the interior, she recognized the potential and the peculiarity of this place and created on it a coherent, self-invigorating environment.

The power of each color of the AKQUINET logo is reflected in the selected furniture. In the process, our color-coated apn® Lamella A acoustic baffles blend in with just that.

At the same time, we bring in a tangible environment through our room acoustic solution. Acoustics is more than just the mere absorption of sound. Only those who feel comfortable in a room can let it have an effect on them.

Do you know the phenomenon when snow falls in winter and the world around you becomes more muted and quiet? An inner peace arises within you? To make this feeling tangible in a room is our passion.

Photos: Matthias Engler

15. February 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Office of the future

In order to work openly and creatively in the office of the future, a workspace with a high quality of stay is needed. This should enable dynamic collaboration. In order for this dynamic to emerge, various zones should be created for direct encounters, for feeling good, being creative and for inspiration.

This was implemented in the design of the new AKQUINET house. The IT company has made the entire top floor of the six-story building available to its employees with a large break and leisure area.

Different break areas are available to team members. Here, the employee kitchen and cafeteria form the heart of the space. To contain the background noise in the interactive rooms, our apn® Vinta A Free acoustic ceiling sails were incorporated (we reported earlier: When designing the acoustic ceiling design, our planner made sure that the minimalist yet eye-catching design of the ceiling panel would fit in with the interior in Art Design selected by Imke Stüven.

A café is available to the team for relaxed conversations in the office of the future. Accordingly, attention was paid to a restrained interior design. Analogously, the focusing room concept is underlined by our apn® Vinta A acoustic ceiling sails. They soothe not only visually, but especially acoustically the room and additionally give it a noticeable feel-good character.

Photos: Matthias Engler

15. February 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Work-life balance vs. work-life blending

For some time now, the strict separation of work and free time, the so-called “work-life balance”, has been a must for employees. But the seemingly perfect division of work and private life puts a lot of pressure on some people. Old work models hardly allow for a merging of work and recreation.

The new life motto “work-life blending” enables a smooth transition between work and private life. If we can react flexibly to private circumstances and work independently, we involuntarily increase our productivity. However, this in turn presupposes one thing: breaking away from old working models.

At the new Hamburg headquarters of the IT services company AKQUINET, team members were therefore provided with a large break and leisure area on the sixth and top floor.

Why not hold a meeting during a round of poker? Share creative ideas at a foosball tournament? Discuss the week’s tasks over a game of darts? Or just hang out and review the day over a set of table tennis?

To prevent the resulting background noise from getting out of hand, the architect Imke Stüven decided to use our apn® Vinta A ceiling panels. The acoustic ceiling sails set design highlights on the ceiling and score with top performance in optimizing room acoustics. Perfectly fitted into the light strips, the result is a beautiful, uniform and visually and acoustically soothing ceiling image.

Stay tuned to see what else AKQUINET has in store for your ears.

Photos: Matthias Engler

15. February 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

New Work meets flexible workplaces

The office of the future is a place where physical and digital space merge. A place where togetherness is lived, where new things are born.

Flexible workplaces, both inside and outside the office, are breaking up the fixed workplace. However, this requires old structures to be broken down and new agile working concepts to be found. Smart office environments, remote work and hybrid workplace models are essential.

Your own desk is traded in for desk-sharing spaces, meeting points and meeting rooms. Laptop and smartphone replace the desktop PC. Movement and flexibility are the cornerstones of the Future Office.

The Hamburg-based IT company AKQUINET has adopted this principle in its new headquarters office at Bramfelder Spitze. At the start of construction in 2020, the start of a learning organizational form began, which is now also being carried to the outside world.

For the meeting zones and conference rooms on the top floor, an acoustic concept was developed in collaboration with architect Imke Stüven to match the furniture.

Based on casual exchange and for quick meetings, communication zones, smaller meeting rooms and meeting points were equipped with our ceiling panels apn® Vinta A Circle and apn® Vinta A Circle Half. The color accents reflect the corporate identity of the IT service provider.

Extended symposiums are held in the multimedia meeting rooms. In this context, the unobtrusive apn® Vinta A ceiling panelare designed to help employees focus on the essentials. Based on the architecture of the building, apn® Vinta A Free ceiling panel with beveled edges were chosen for the front sides of the rooms.

Be curious to see what else AKQUINET has in store for your ears.

Photos: Matthias Engler

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