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4. July 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Building in existing buildings – our future?

When we discuss construction in existing buildings, we are not only talking about sustainability and resource conservation in the renovation of buildings, but also about the revitalization of spaces. It’s about breathing new life into old buildings and transforming them into modern, functional working environments. A successful transformation of the existing building can significantly increase the acceptance of the workplace.

Room acoustics and space planning

Room acoustics are a key aspect of this. The way sound interacts in a space can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. The “Room acoustics 2023” reader survey commissioned by the “Quiet please!” acoustics campaign has shown that poor room acoustics can lead to increased stress and reduced productivity. It is therefore essential to create a pleasant acoustic environment when revitalizing a building.

Space planning in the office is also of crucial importance. It encompasses the efficient use of available space and takes into account aspects such as light, air quality and accessibility as well as flexibility and agility. During the modernization of a building, space planning should aim to create a balanced connection between the existing architectural structure and the future usage and acoustic requirements. Well-designed space planning can promote collaboration and at the same time provide every employee with sufficient space for concentrated work.

The future of working environments

All these aspects are closely interlinked and play a crucial role in creating a productive and pleasant working environment. A well-thought-out office design that takes all these aspects into account can help to create a sustainable and attractive working environment that increases both employee satisfaction and productivity.

For a successful revitalization of working environments, it is an advantage to be involved in a project from the very beginning. As architecture is increasingly turning to resource-saving construction methods, building in existing buildings will be our future.

Well thought-out space planning includes a coherent room acoustics concept and is essential for a successful revitalization. The earlier we are involved in the planning process with our engineering expertise, the better acoustic hurdles can be avoided in advance and holistic concepts can be jointly developed and successfully implemented. This not only leads to high acceptance of the new space, but also to a wow effect.

26. June 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Akustikwerft – Handmade acoustic masterpieces

Our unique acoustic products are created in the beating heart of our creative innovation workshop, a place where ideas and inspiration come together. These products are not only specially developed for you, but also bear the Akustikwerft label, a sign of our dedication and commitment to outstanding acoustic solutions.

Each of these special acoustic products is designed in our own contract construction department, the Akustikwerft. Here, every detail is treated with the utmost care and love. Our experts check every design idea for technical feasibility and ensure that every product that leaves our shipyard has been manufactured and perfected by hand.

There are no standards in our shipyard, only excellence. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible and produce acoustically effective elements that are unparalleled in terms of quality and design. Whether individual shapes, color combinations, surface finishes, CI-compliant or color-coordinated products, illuminated or fabric-covered – our Akustikwerft creates acoustic objects that set standards and redefine the acoustic landscape.

No challenge is too great for us, no sea too stormy. Your personal design object, which is extraordinary and unique, emerges from our shipyard. It is more than just a product; it is an embodiment of your vision, a piece of art that transforms your space.

Be inspired and inspired by new ideas and possibilities. Discover the infinite possibilities offered by the world of acoustics and let your imagination push the boundaries. Every product we make is a testament to our passion for acoustics and our commitment to quality.

Do you have any questions or need personal advice?

Immerse yourself in the world of Akustikwerft

and make an appointment now. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey, supporting you every step of the way and working with you to create acoustic masterpieces that will bring your rooms to life. Our team of experienced acoustics experts is ready to help you realize your acoustic dreams. We can’t wait to work with you and transform your spaces into acoustic works of art.

19. June 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Acoustics meets light – an important philosophy

Light and acoustics are two elements that are often overlooked but have a huge impact on our daily lives and working environment. They influence our well-being, our motivation and our work performance in subtle but significant ways. At apn® we are committed to the philosophy of harmonizing these two factors to create working environments that are both functional and pleasant.

Our room acoustics solutions are the result of this philosophy. They are not just products, but rather an expression of our vision. Each solution is individually tailored to the respective project to ensure that it meets the specific requirements and needs. And all at a consistently excellent level.

We attach particular importance to quality and design. Our self-imposed standard is that every single product we manufacture should impress and inspire in terms of function, look, feel and finish. We believe that every detail counts and that the quality of a product is more than the sum of its parts.

Balanced and optimal lighting at the workplace is essential for working ergonomically and preventing tiredness and fatigue. With our portfolio of acoustic luminaires, end users do not have to choose between acoustics and task lighting.

Our apn® Lux Line is a prime example of this philosophy. It combines highly absorbent acoustic elements and effective lighting in an elegant and modern solution. The product line includes solutions for workplace, pathway and accent lighting in the usual Nordic-clear and modern design.

At apn® we believe that every workplace should be a place where people can give their best. And we are proud to be able to contribute to this. Through our products, we help people to transform their working environment into a place where they can feel comfortable and be productive.

Together with you, we can create this place. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

11. June 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Optimal use of space without acoustic compromises

If the room conditions do not permit the installation of acoustic elements on ceilings and walls, how can we still improve the room acoustically? In order to achieve optimum room utilization without acoustic compromises, there is one parameter in addition to the familiar installation locations that is often completely forgotten: the furniture in the room.

The acoustic solutions for furniture and acoustic furniture from apn® are specially designed to effectively filter out disturbing noises and frequencies without compromising the function or design of the furniture.

More than just furniture: whether as a visual highlight or barely visible, our designer acoustic furniture apn® Cabin, apn® Trockendock and apn® Cube as well as our furniture cladding apn® Cover ensure a balanced acoustic environment.

Are you looking for optimum use of space without compromising on acoustics? We at apn® have the answer. Whether you use our products as stand-alone quiet zones or combine them with other acoustic solutions, we are here to help you make the right choice. Our main goal is to develop the ideal acoustic solution for every specific requirement and spatial condition.

Let’s work together to improve the acoustics in your rooms and contact us today!

7. June 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Multifunctional acoustic room division

The world of work is changing. Individual offices become multifunctional spaces that offer plenty of room for communication. However, the constant babble of voices, conversations between colleagues or loud calls can reduce concentration. In the long term, poor acoustics in the office can severely impair employees’ performance and even damage their health.

Today, an office has to be more than just a place to work. It has to be multifunctional, suitable for multimedia use and offer a high quality of stay. Good, flexible room acoustics play an important role in the new working environments and are much more than just a nice-to-have.

With the apn® Area Flex partitioning product family, we have found an answer to these challenges. Whether free-standing, suspended or as a furniture or table attachment – the versatile application options allow certain areas to be separated from one another and larger areas to be visually and acoustically structured. Meeting and quiet-intensive work zones can be partitioned off and reopened as required with the movable apn® Area Flex Luv or apn® Gig XL elements.

Do you need support in planning multifunctional room acoustics measures? Feel free to contact us.

31. May 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

Wall absorbers – outstanding acoustic designs

In our last article, we explained the advantages of ceiling absorbers. But what happens if these alone do not contribute to improving the room acoustics or if it is not possible to install them on the ceiling? In such cases, wall absorbers are the ideal solution!

In acoustically unbalanced rooms, sound waves oscillate back and forth between the walls. Sound-absorbing materials are needed to reduce these horizontal sound reflections. Our wall absorbers are specially designed to minimize these sound reflections and thus contribute to relaxed and comfortable room acoustics.

Almost incidentally, our acoustic absorbers from the apn® Forma, apn® Regatta and apn® Formanker series promote a noticeable improvement in the room climate. They help to improve the air quality and thus ensure a pleasant environment.

An additional advantage of our wall absorbers is their function as a pinboard. Notes, photos or important documents can be attached in such a way that they are visible. They are not only effective at absorbing sound, but also become a practical and functional accessory in any room.

Even in our standard portfolio, our absorbers are available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures that allow them to be seamlessly integrated into any room design. We also specialize in transforming your design ideas into iconic acoustic landmarks. You will find out more about this soon. Invest in better room acoustics, it’s worth it! Contact us today for more information

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