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18. January 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

What if …?

Last week, part of our crew embarked on an insightful, exciting and inspiring journey into the future. The colorful mix of office, field service, production and assembly crew members spent two days in an internal workshop dealing with a seminal issue.

Two days, three groups – new paths were explored, visions exchanged and some of the wildest ideas discussed in a variety of creative ways. The result: three different scenarios as to how apn® could develop over the next 10 years.

Although the results were full of contrasts, it became clear to all groups that their visions for the future are based on our strengths

  • Know-how
  • Quality
  • Services


They were insightful, exciting and inspiring days that we will not soon forget and will definitely have an impact on the future of apn®!

8. January 2024 Autor: apn® Crew

What would a start to the year be without a look back?

For a long time, we saw black for our biggest project from 2023 …
Our crew produced a total of 7,905 running meters of black “apn Lamella® A” acoustic baffles for this project. These were then assembled into graphic ceiling panels and can now be admired above the open-space workstations of BASF Service Europe GmbH’s new service hub in Berlin.

Black belongs to white like remoulade belongs to fried fish. Our custom-made “apn Lamella® A” acoustic baffles in classic white float above the areas for social interaction and informal meetings. Every single dimension between the continuous rooflights was measured by our sales representative Sven Holbe. Our crew produced a total of 2,628 running meters of baffle elements in various lengths – the longest element measures 2,990 mm, the shortest 685 mm.

This office concept focuses on flexibility and enables a dynamic and flexible way of working. With our acoustic solutions for BASF Service Europe GmbH, we have not only hit the mark with our absorption values. Thanks to our production methods, we can react flexibly to special dimensions and thus deliver a precisely fitting end product.

Further information on our acoustic baffles: https://apn-acoustic.com/download/105/?tmstv=1703062949

Architectural office: K6 Architekten PartGmbB Kohnen & Steinwachs
Photos: Koy + Winkel https://www.koy-winkel.com/gallery/townscape-basf-berlin/

PS: The building was certified with the German Seal of Quality for Sustainable Building in Gold.

8. December 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

It’s a wrap!

We successfully concluded the 2023 trade fair season with ARCHITECT@WORK in Düsseldorf. We are delighted that we were able to experience this end-of-year highlight together with you!

But now it’s time to pack up, set sail and head north. See you at the next trade fair!

30. November 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Improving the acoustics remains an urgent necessity

According to the latest OFFICE-ROXX reader survey “Room acoustics 2023” commissioned by the Quiet please! acoustics campaign, one in three office employees suffers greatly from acoustic disturbances and there is an urgent need to improve acoustics.

Telephone calls remain the number one disturbance factor – closely followed by conversations between colleagues, office technology, keyboard clatter and mouse clicks, “other human noises” and air conditioning or ventilation units.

An acoustically distracting office environment remains a concentration killer for employees. Headaches, nervousness, increased blood pressure, sleep disorders, cardiovascular problems or irritation of the stomach and intestines are the consequences.

The results of this year’s survey have confirmed the 2021 figures: There is still an urgent need to improve the acoustics!

Thanks to our conceptual approach with end-to-end expertise from engineering to production and installation, we are able to bring room acoustics to life. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to work together to develop an acoustic concept tailored to you and your needs.

To the survey

24. November 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

A visit to AX5

This week we visited the architects from AX5 in Kiel on the subject of “Room acoustics & space planning”.

With the specialist lecture “Experience acoustics”, our acoustician Hinnerk Brüne – in collaboration with our captain Mirko Bruhn – conveyed the importance of acoustics in rooms.

Our planner Caroline von Zimmermann then highlighted the value of careful space planning and the relevance of a good design approach in her specialist lecture “How we create”.

We would like to thank all participants for the warm welcome and the consistently positive feedback!

25. October 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Sneak peak into our apn yard

Currently, a special acoustic object is being realized in our shipyard.
What will be created here?

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