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31. August 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Every room is different

The requirements of room acoustics vary from room to room, because every room is different. Depending on the type of construction, room geometry and room concept, as well as the type of use, different stumbling blocks and room peculiarities must be taken into account when selecting acoustic solutions.

Thus, poor acoustics in dining halls and restaurants are noticed by the increased volume. To compensate for the increasing ambient noise level, the participants in the conversation instinctively increase their own volume as well as their voice pitch. To avoid the so-called Lombard effect, it is important to minimize background noise and optimize speech intelligibility and audibility.

However, other requirements for room acoustics apply to reception areas. In order to be able to maintain a certain level of confidentiality, speech intelligibility over short distances and the guarantee of privacy are paramount. Wall, ceiling or shielding elements serve as room acoustic solutions for this purpose.

Especially in senior residences, good hearing means a better quality of life. In addition, light and illumination are essential for many physiological and psychological processes. If hearing and visual performance declines with increasing age, lighting and room acoustics must be adapted. If these aspects are ignored, it can block communication as well as lead to absence from social life.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can identify room acoustic stumbling blocks and room peculiarities before they become a problem. With the symbiosis of highly absorbent acoustic elements and effective lighting, we have succeeded in combining both without compromise in our apn® Lux Line.

29. August 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

It is official

It’s official – we are one of 65 top office & co. brands!

In the second anthology published today, “OFFICE BRANDS. Top brands for office work”, companies are presented that stand for brand quality in office environments and we are one of them!

The “Office Brands” were selected and awarded by the editorial team of PRIMA VIER Nehring Verlag (publisher of OFFICE ROXX, among others). So we are especially excited to be a part of the band!

Ab sofort erhältlich unter

29. August 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

We have someone new!

His name is Fohn, Theo Fohn.
Even if you suspect it, his name is not a stage name!

Before Theo made his home in the world of acoustics, the Aachen native worked in trade fair construction. Now he has decided to apply his expertise from technology and 15 years of acoustic consulting as Area Sales Manager West & Acoustic Project Development for apn®.

When he’s not on the road for us in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate, he’s exploring the forests of the Rhineland with his wife and flat-coated retriever Emil, or relaxing while playing the piano.

Although Theo moved back to his native Aachen after stops in Iserlohn, Essen and Berlin, his heart beats for Cologne. If anyone here can provide an apartment tip, feel free to reach out!

We are very happy to have you on board Theo – welcome!

9. August 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Room acoustics meets coworking space (2/2)

In our last article we already reported about our acoustic solutions of the conference rooms of the coworking space Freiraum of Hartung GmbH & Co KG. The post is linked here: With our ideas and passion for effective room acoustics solutions, we have also completed the remaining areas of the open space.

The visually calm atmosphere of the open coworking areas as well as the offices is underlined by our highly absorbent ceiling panels apn® Vinta A. In order not to distract the users, our planner deliberately chose white ceiling panels in square and rectangular shapes. This means that work can now be carried out there in visual as well as acoustic peace.

If you are looking for active exchange, users have several areas at their disposal – including six kitchens. To ensure that the social areas are immediately visually recognizable, they are identified by our highly absorbent round ceiling panels apn® Vinta A Circle in different color schemes.

The social center of the 1,200-square-meter coworking space is the work café on the first floor. With our fabric-covered ceiling sails apn® Vinta F, the warm atmosphere of the room was taken up and reflected on the ceiling. The light gray and beige fabrics from our apn® Classic Soul fabric collection gently hug the absorbers, giving them a feeling of coziness, warmth and softness.

P.S.: There was simply no more room in this article for our apn® Forma F and apn® Regatta wall absorbers, which were also installed.

7. August 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Room acoustics meets coworking space (1/2)

The coworking space Freiraum of the company Hartung GmbH & Co. KG in Neumünster houses open coworking areas, lockable offices and a wide variety of conference rooms. This coworking space provides future-oriented work in the most modern and diverse space environment and is a place for people with ideas and passion.

With our ideas and passion for effective room acoustics solutions, we have now completed the free space.

The creative and lively ceiling solutions of the conference and meeting rooms are inspired by the game of skill Mikado. Although the fabric-covered beige and light gray ceiling panels apn® Vinta F in combination with our white ceiling panels apn® Vinta A seem to float “wildly” above the conference tables, the arrangement of the elements follows careful planning.

In the large conference room, our planner enhanced the artistic acoustic object with our apn® Vinta F Lux Spot acoustic accent luminaires. This additional effective design option makes the room shine in a special way.

Thus, Hartung’s artistic and innovative corporate philosophy has been adapted down to the smallest detail of our acoustic solutions. More details on this project will follow shortly.

17. July 2023 Autor: apn® Crew

Ahoy from the colorful world of apn

A few weeks ago, we made room for something new in our upholstery shop. Now where to put our “old” upholstery fabrics? We decided to donate them to Bridge&Tunnel.

Behind the fair fashion label are passionate people who want to make the world a little better with small steps. They process old textiles, overproduction and now also our fabric treasures into high-quality accessories, home textiles, selected fashion pieces and advertising material.

Last Friday our crew member Caroline sailed to Hamburg with a fully packed “ship” and brought the cargo over personally. Once there, she was warmly welcomed by Conny. After unloading, we chatted a bit, posed and visited the production. Then it was time for our Caroline to “cast off” and return to the shipyard.

This was definitely not our last visit to Bridge&Tunnel. As we all know, you always see each other twice in life – and you might soon see one of our upholstery fabrics in a new design!

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