apn® acoustic solutions for the education sector

From the KiTa to the university:

Minimizing disturbing noise and improving acoustics in educational facilities such as kindergartens, schools and lecture halls promotes speech intelligibility, increases learning success and positively influences the well-being of learners and teachers. Optimization of room acoustics in daycare centers, classrooms and lecture halls is also possible at any time at a later date in the form of acoustic refurbishment.

Improving acoustics in educational facilities is often a complicated task. Room acoustic measures usually have to be reconciled with a tight budget, limited installation times and aesthetic criteria. Fortunately, individual acoustic solutions are our strength: we can supply a wide variety of sizes and freeforms, even in small quantities. A colorful spectrum of colors (RAL, NCS) and over 250 fabrics are available. Furthermore, there is a possibility to choose fabric printing or direct printing as the surface of the acoustic elements.

Suitable product worlds

Baffelleuchte Lamellen Akustikleuchte Lamellenleuchte Arbeitsplatzleuchte

Acoustic baffle – our apn® Lamella series

Thanks to their outstanding acoustic properties, apn® Lamella acoustic baffles are ideal for use in educational facilities. Especially for buildings with thermally activated ceilings, the apn® Lamella acoustic baffles are ideally suited for improving room acoustics.

  • acoustic high performance
  • optimal air circulation (excellent for concrete-activated ceilings; cooling power reduction ≤ 3.1 %)
  • easy & flexible mounting (infinitely adjustable wire suspension)
  • customized formats & individual sizes
  • customized colors & finishes
  • optionally available as acoustic light baffle
Flächenleuchte Arbeitsplatzleuchte Akustikleuchte Akustik-Lichtdeckensegel

Ceiling panels – our apn® Vinta series

The apn® Vinta acoustic ceiling panels reduce and optimize reverberation in rooms, lowering sound levels while giving rooms a new aesthetic – and with the highest absorption class.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • easy & flexible mounting (infinitely adjustable wire suspension or mounted directly on the ceiling)
  • customized formats & individual sizes
  • customized colors & finishes
  • optionally available as acoustic light ceiling panel
Wandabsorber Akustikabsorber Akustiklösung für die Wand

Wall absorbers – our apn® Forma series

Whether for basic acoustic damping or as a supplement to the ceiling system – the apn® Forma acoustic wall absorbers shine with enormous absorption and set colorful accents in the room through a variety of design options. Colorful, discreetly homogeneous or in house colors – in addition to improving room acoustics, our wall absorbers offer individual wall design options.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • easy & flexible mounting (apn® sys-z profile, apn® sys-d anchor plate, apn® sys direct mounting or project-specific solutions like apn® sys-mc magnetic mounting)
  • customized formats & individual sizes
  • customized colors & finishes
  • usable as pinboard
Grafik mobile Raumtrennung apn Gig Base und Gig XL

Room division – our apn® Gig series

Our room partitioning systems, specially developed for the educational sector, are mobile and flexible. The apn® Gig Base table top and the apn® Gig XL acoustic paravent are made of high-performance acoustic material all around. In this way, they incidentally improve the room acoustics and offer protection against transcription and shielding against external distractions, especially in examination situations. The practical folding systems are very easy to handle – they can be set up, dismantled or stowed away in no time at all.

  • acoustic high performance
  • light & easy to transport
  • great flexibility (individual possibilities of use)
  • in selected apn® fabric collections single or multicolor selectable
Grafik Akustiksitzwürfel quadratisch, dreieckig und rund akustische Sitzmöbel

Acoustic seating cubes – our apn® Cube series

Our apn® Cube acoustic seating cubes are efficient depth absorbers and at the same time provide a practical seating option, designed primarily for group work and meetings as well as for school libraries, break rooms and waiting areas. A modern design element, which can usefully complement many different room concepts thanks to its restrained and timeless design.

  • acoustic high performance
  • practical & space saving
  • timeless & multifunctional
  • available in three different shapes
  • available in 56 colors according to apn® fabric collection Classic Soul

Get inspired ...

apn® product lines for the education sector

Various factors influence the acoustics in a room. What is the geometric structure of the room? What building materials were used? What is the room used for? What is the underlying spatial concept? All these factors must be thoroughly analyzed in order to offer an acoustic solution that is perfectly tailored to the room in question, like a tailor-made suit. For this reason, we have developed product lines that are specifically designed to meet the needs of children, young people and students.

apn® product lines Education

Mare Kids

apn® Mare Kids

Our inspiration is an ancient Chinese patience game consisting of 7 parts. The simple geometric shapes can be put together in numerous combinations to form figures, animals and other shapes. In this way, beautiful and child-friendly objects are created in a playful way. We can use these for acoustic measures on the ceiling and the wall.

Custom design line for our little ones.

  • ceiling & wall
  • unique design
  • colored or white
  • own production
Kids Graphics

apn® Kids Graphics

Why should room acoustic elements always be boring gray or white? We combine highly efficient room acoustic elements with child-friendly graphics to create a customized design. We use the wall surfaces playfully and combine illustrated animal pictures with colorful elements, covered with the high-quality wool felt fabric collection.

Lively and child-friendly design.

  • Wall
  • high quality fabric covered elements
  • durable & long lasting
  • own production
Bildung & Erziehung

apn® Bildung & Erziehung

Clever concepts for valuable audiences

In educational facilities, balanced acoustics are key. Minimizing disturbing noises promotes speech intelligibility, increases learningincreases learning success and has a positive influence on the well-being of learners and teachers. Whether inclusion or integration - good speech intelligibility is the focus here. Because both hearing-impaired children and young adults and children and young adults who are German as a second language have high demands on the room acoustics.

  • ceiling, wall & room
  • customized acoustic products
  • easy assembly
  • own production

apn® Baseline

Based on simple geometric shapes with a fixed selection of textile surfaces, we have developed a successful simple series especially for the educational sector. The shapes and colors offer playful possibilities for wall design. To complement this, there are white ceiling panels that can be perfectly integrated into existing room concepts without making the overall picture look unsettled.

Ideal for tight budgets and desire for soothed spaces.

  • wall, ceiling & room
  • easy assembly
  • selected color card
  • own production