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Future Office

The office of the future

The office of the future is a place where physical and digital space merge. A place where togetherness is lived, where new things are born.

The role of the corporate brand will play an increasingly important role. Flexible work locations and remote work are changing the status of a company's premises from mere workplaces to tangible places of corporate culture. They serve the meeting and communication between employees as well as customers.

The office becomes a place that attracts, captivates, engages and inspires people again and again. The design of this place plays an important role and it is necessary to implement the identity of the company up to the furniture, up to the details.

In order to work openly and creatively in the office of the future, a workspace with a high quality of stay is needed. This should enable dynamic collaboration. In order for this dynamic to emerge, various zones should be created for direct encounters, for feeling good, being creative, finding inspiration and focus work.

In addition to the visual stimuli, it is important not to neglect the physical stimuli. We bring in a tangible environment through our room acoustics solution. Acoustics is more than just the mere absorption of sound. Only those who feel comfortable in a room can let it have an effect on them.

Do you know the phenomenon when snow falls in winter and the world around you becomes more muted and quiet? An inner peace arises within you? To make this feeling tangible in a room is our passion.

Photos: Matthias Engler

  • acoustic consulting
  • conceptual planning
  • customized acoustic products
  • own production
  • mounting

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