apn® acoustic solutions for furniture

Optimal use of space without acoustic compromises

Our acoustic solutions for furniture and acoustic furniture effectively filter disturbing noises and frequencies without affecting the function of the furniture.

Whether as an iCatcher or barely visible, our design acoustic furniture provides a balanced acoustic environment. Whether stand-alone, as acoustic quiet zones or complementary to our acoustic solutions for ceiling, wall, room or with light we will find the perfect solution for you, your needs and spatial conditions.

Grafik mit Rahmengestellt und Akustiklösungen, fasst vier Arbeitsplätze ein.

Frame with acoustic elements – apn® Cabin series

The minimalist frame encloses the workstations, providing a mounting surface for various apn® acoustic absorbers. The choice and quantity of absorbers can be selected individually according to the requirements of the workplace – completely independent of ceilings and walls as mounting surfaces.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • Mounting surface independent of ceiling & wall texture
  • plenty of scope for lighting, decoration, clamp lights, side shielding, etc.
  • Two different sizes
  • height adjustable feet
  • customized colors & finishes
  • usable as pinboard
Grafik Akustik Kabine Wandabsorber Abschottung Telefonkabine

Acoustic booth – apn® Trockendock series

The acoustic booths of the apn® Trockendock series shine with an enormous absorption and create in reverberant rooms the possibility to withdraw for a phone call or conversation. They are highly functional, discreet and inviting. Especially the variants made of felt provide high dust binding and thus more pleasant air in the room.

  • acoustic peak performance
  • in two formats & six different color combinations from two selected colors each
  • optionally available with storage table & LED lighting with USB slot
  • usable as pinboard (inside & outside)
Grafik Akustiksitzwürfel quadratisch, dreieckig und rund akustische Sitzmöbel

Acoustic seating cube – apn® Cube series

The apn® C ube and apn® Cube Pattern acoustic seating cubes are efficient depth absorbers and at the same time provide practical seating, designed primarily for spontaneous, short meetings and discussions. A modern design element, which can complement many different room concepts with its restrained and timeless design.

  • acoustic high performance
  • practical & space saving
  • timeless & multifunctional
  • Available in three different shapes
  • customized colors & finishes
Akustische Möbelverkleidung Cover

Acute furniture covering – apn® Cover series

Making good use of furniture back walls: The apn® Cover is a 25 mm thick acoustic absorber that can be installed on free surfaces to optimize room acoustics. This is particularly suitable when room conditions do not allow installation on ceilings and walls. In addition, the apn® cover serves as a design element, as the surface can be perfectly matched to the interior design of the room.

  • acoustic high performance
  • Mounting surface independent of ceiling & wall texture
  • easy & flexible mounting (adhesive mounting, apn® sys-d anchor plate or velcro fastening)
  • Available in four widths & five heights
  • customized colors & finishes

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