Room acoustics for university library

New learning & working worlds
for students

A library with special requirements

The new learning and working environment for students offers, on the first floor of the Central Library, over 300 seats for group and individual work as well as presentations. To ensure that this area remains a quiet learning space, 900 square meters of baffle ceilings were lovingly handcrafted and then installed. The architectural principle of openness and transparency was incorporated into the design of the acoustic measures.

To achieve the necessary basic attenuation, the apn® Lamella A acoustic baffles were planned in plain white. The vertical acoustic elements act as an acoustic breakwater. To break the lines, ceiling surfaces were created with our apn® Lamella A free acoustic baffles. They reflect the shape of the round seating furniture on the ceiling, additionally emphasize these work areas and playfully and visually provide a balanced working atmosphere without distracting too much from learning, researching and teaching.

To minimize sound reflections from the end walls of the learning and working environments, additional wall absorbers were planned. The fabric-covered wall panels apn® Forma FH contribute to relaxed and comfortable room acoustics. As a highlight, the absorbers, covered with our fabrics of the apn® Classic Collection, can be used as a pin board. This allows complex learning content to be pinned and illustrated quickly.

  • acoustic consulting
  • conceptual planning
  • customized acoustic products
  • own production
  • Mounting

Insights into the project