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New Work - new space & acoustic concepts

In a world where change is permanent, old ways of thinking no longer work. This is precisely a great opportunity waiting to be seized. This means a far-reaching restructuring of the usual office concept in order to respond appropriately to the requirements of the modern working world and to remain interesting as an employer for qualified specialists.

This Hamburg-based company has recognized the trend towards living workplaces, hybrid workplaces and innovative office spaces. But what does the flexibilization of the working world mean for spatial planning? How must workspaces be designed and what really matters?

When architects and facility planners ask themselves this question, the first ideas that come to mind may be room layouts, color concepts, ergonomic office furniture and lighting. And these are all important components of a contemporary spatial concept.

It should not be forgotten that the new room concepts result in completely new requirements for the acoustic equipment. Room acoustics does not work as something that is simply brought into the room and makes the noise disappear as if by magic. Many factors play a role in the efficiency of room acoustics solutions. Thus, not every acoustic optimization has the same purpose everywhere, since it depends on the use of the room and on the concrete requirements of the employees.

With us as your partner, you can make your New Work pilot project a successful start into the new world of work.

  • acoustic consulting
  • conceptual planning
  • customized acoustic products
  • own production
  • mounting

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