Akustikdeckensegel rechteckig apn Vinta

Work-life balance vs. work-life blending

For some time now, the strict separation of work and free time, the so-called “work-life balance”, has been a must for employees. But the seemingly perfect division of work and private life puts a lot of pressure on some people. Old work models hardly allow for a merging of work and recreation.

The new life motto “work-life blending” enables a smooth transition between work and private life. If we can react flexibly to private circumstances and work independently, we involuntarily increase our productivity. However, this in turn presupposes one thing: breaking away from old working models.

At the new Hamburg headquarters of the IT services company AKQUINET, team members were therefore provided with a large break and leisure area on the sixth and top floor.

Why not hold a meeting during a round of poker? Share creative ideas at a foosball tournament? Discuss the week’s tasks over a game of darts? Or just hang out and review the day over a set of table tennis?

To prevent the resulting background noise from getting out of hand, the architect Imke Stüven decided to use our apn® Vinta A ceiling panels. The acoustic ceiling sails set design highlights on the ceiling and score with top performance in optimizing room acoustics. Perfectly fitted into the light strips, the result is a beautiful, uniform and visually and acoustically soothing ceiling image.

Stay tuned to see what else AKQUINET has in store for your ears.

Photos: Matthias Engler