Eine Frau spachtelt Löcher an einem Fensterrahmen zu


Women – they are work colleagues, friends, mothers and much more!

We have a 67 % share of women in our office.
At management level, this is 50 %.
For the company as a whole, however, it falls to 37 % …

Why are we telling you this? Today is International Women’s Day. The day symbolizes a gender-equal world and equality between men and women.

We as a company are also committed to this social responsibility!
We are also in favor of more diversity in our company!

Unfortunately, the reality is still different in the skilled trades and industrial sectors. We at apn® currently employ 35 people, 17 of whom work in our assembly and production crews, including just four women. “Unfortunately!”, as our captain often mentions.

Women in particular, with their feminine intuition and their classic prototypical characteristics such as respectful interaction, attentive listening and their alert minds, bring the diversity that a company needs for the future. However, it does not matter whether these characteristics come from a woman or a man. Every person carries a certain degree of femininity and masculinity in their being. The characteristics are merely different.

Just last year, we gained two more female employees in our production department, providing us with great support that should not be underestimated. The atmosphere was lightened, everyone’s perspectives were broadened, long-established processes were questioned and new ideas were developed together.

So dear women: the skilled trades need more of you to be prepared for the future! We welcome your applications for our skilled trades and look forward to getting to know you! Click here to see if there is a suitable position for you.