The world is cleaning up. apn® joins in

Especially in our location between the seas in Schleswig-Holstein, with its many nature reserves and diverse flora and fauna, we are constantly reminded of how important it is to preserve this beauty for future generations. We are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and our common environment. For this reason, we are always committed to improving our production processes and business operations in the interests of sustainability.

Since this is not enough for us, we are also personally committed to the environment. To coincide with “World Cleanup Day” on September 17, we are hosting our second annual apn® Beach Cleanup. Our event, attended by all apn® crew members, will take place on September 15 on a stretch of beach directly in front of our boatyard. Together we will clean the beach from litter and plastic waste this afternoon.

We hope that this campaign will draw the attention of other people and companies to the issue of environmental protection and, in the best case, inspire them to follow our example. Because this issue concerns us all – not just on a particular day, but 365 days a year!