New Work meets flexible workplaces

The office of the future is a place where physical and digital space merge. A place where togetherness is lived, where new things are born.

Flexible workplaces, both inside and outside the office, are breaking up the fixed workplace. However, this requires old structures to be broken down and new agile working concepts to be found. Smart office environments, remote work and hybrid workplace models are essential.

Your own desk is traded in for desk-sharing spaces, meeting points and meeting rooms. Laptop and smartphone replace the desktop PC. Movement and flexibility are the cornerstones of the Future Office.

The Hamburg-based IT company AKQUINET has adopted this principle in its new headquarters office at Bramfelder Spitze. At the start of construction in 2020, the start of a learning organizational form began, which is now also being carried to the outside world.

For the meeting zones and conference rooms on the top floor, an acoustic concept was developed in collaboration with architect Imke Stüven to match the furniture.

Based on casual exchange and for quick meetings, communication zones, smaller meeting rooms and meeting points were equipped with our ceiling panels apn® Vinta A Circle and apn® Vinta A Circle Half. The color accents reflect the corporate identity of the IT service provider.

Extended symposiums are held in the multimedia meeting rooms. In this context, the unobtrusive apn® Vinta A ceiling panelare designed to help employees focus on the essentials. Based on the architecture of the building, apn® Vinta A Free ceiling panel with beveled edges were chosen for the front sides of the rooms.

Be curious to see what else AKQUINET has in store for your ears.

Photos: Matthias Engler