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Individual acoustic solutions down to the smallest detail

One of our latest projects is this 240 sqm coworking space at TH Wildau. Measure the drill holes with a laser measuring device, mark them, drill the holes, insert the dowels, attach the wire ropes and the baffle elements and adjust them. That, in a nutshell, is the standard process our installation crew uses to mount our apn® Lamella acoustic baffles to the ceiling.

The client’s wish was not only to significantly reduce the hall’s reverberation time, but also to create a shade underneath the atrium with the acoustic solution. Due to the existing steel construction and the wishes of the clientele, a new fastening option for our apn® Lamella was sought for this project.

Where locomotives were once manufactured, our acoustic baffles now hang neatly from the steel girders with the help of girder clamps. The mounting system also proved to be an uncomplicated and quick installation solution. In no time at all, a baffle ceiling was created that blends seamlessly with the supporting structure to create a modern overall appearance.

A big thank you to our installation crew who made this happen at about 6 meters with their know-how and experience. Once again we could rely on the expertise and experience of our team – where would we be without you?!