dreidimensionaler Wandabsorber apn Forma FH

Hearing is a subjective perception and more than just sound and vibrations

Thanks to our ears, it is possible for us to hear binaurally. When the sound effect is disturbed, we feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. In rooms with many smooth surfaces, it quickly happens that the reverberation time skyrockets and speech intelligibility decreases. It is therefore all the more important to balance these aspects and thus significantly increase the sense of well-being in the room.

The ceiling is an important absorption surface for balanced basic acoustic attenuation. Our acoustic ceiling sails apn® Vinta Base score with highest absorption performances and work excellently in optimizing room acoustics. Since this project involves courtrooms of a district court, deliberate attention was paid to a simple and unobtrusive ceiling design. Complementary to the ceiling system, the acoustic wall absorbers of the apn® Forma FH series have an enormous absorption effect and set colorful and haptic feel-good accents in the room. A combination of geometric surfaces with three different depths gives the absorbers a three-dimensionality. Moreover, in addition to the senses of hearing and sight – thanks to the finishing with fabrics from the apn® Classic Soul fabric collection – touch is included. By means of the recurring design of the wall absorbers in different colors, conceptual attention was also paid to a high recognition value. The recycled Schleswig-Holstein coats of arms, which are incorporated into the design, are the icing on the cake.

Through the interplay of function and design, we were thus able to fulfill more than just the calculated and measurable reduction in reverberation time.