Akustikleuchten Katalog Lux Line

Acoustic attention to the eye

For December we have opened a very special door for you. Behind it is our new apn® Lux Line Acoustic Luminaires catalog!

Light – whether as natural sunlight or as an artificial light source – has a great influence on the human body. It can promote cognitive performance and influence mood beyond its mere lighting function.

The right light, colors and contrasts as well as the interplay of direct and indirect lighting can increase our well-being and have an effect on our health. You could say light serves as an inner and outer orientation. At the same time, it exudes its own aesthetic power of fascination.

In interaction with room acoustics, it significantly influences us in our everyday life and at the workplace. Both play an important role in the design of a room. If the components work together optimally, we can have a positive influence on the satisfaction, motivation and work performance of the people in this environment.

Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful world of acoustic luminaires and discover our acoustic design luminaires, illuminated ceiling sails and baffles as well as acoustic accent and pendant luminaires in our new apn® Lux Line acoustic luminaires catalog.