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apn Forma acoustic absorbtion wall panel

Our apn Forma acoustic wall panels have both incredible levels of sound absorption as well as an amazing range of colourful design options.

Whether they are used for acoustic sound absorption or as a complement to the ceiling system, the attractive APN Forma acoustic wall absorbers are ideally suitable for designing walls in the workplace, in day-care centres and schools, and in catering or gastronomy & hotels. Especially when noise protection solutions cannot be realised on the ceiling – or do not sufficiently improve the space’s acoustics by themselves – wall absorbers are an ideal solution.

The absorbers minimise sound reflections on the walls and thus contribute to relaxed, comfortable room acoustics. Acoustic absorbers quite incidentally contribute to the sustainable improvement of the interior climate and can additionally be used as pin boards. Our wall absorber variants with felt surface, in particular, ensure high dust binding and, as a result, more pleasant ambient air.


Acoustic wall panels in all shapes and sizes

Of course, the surfaces of the APN Forma wall absorbers can also be printed or covered with high-quality textiles and fabrics – just as easily as it suits your interior design style best. We will adapt the shape, colour, surface and dimensions of the individual wall panel and acoustic modules precisely to your requirements. On request, we also produce wall absorbers in special formats. Our acoustic wall absorbers are optionally available with an aluminium frame or are produced frameless. As these frameless variants of wall absorber rule out risk of injury, they have proved their worth in kindergartens and educational institutions time and time again.