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Planning acoustic measures

We don’t think in fixed categories, but in solutions. The individual space requirements are at the centre of every acoustic measure we design.

Individual acoustic planning:

The key to successful room acoustics can be found in the planning phase. Actually, in the best case, it even starts during the building’s design phase. Only when you have a thorough understanding of the project and of the client’s expectations can you achieve a perfect result in realising acoustic measures. Active listening and recognising each client’s individual needs are therefore central to our work.

This is why we accompany our clients from the very start and, in dialogue with them, elaborate creative acoustic measures and draw up integrated room acoustics and building concepts. Equally, of course, we are happy to support the commissioned architects and planners in designing high-end acoustic concepts.

As a result of years of close collaboration with architects, professional planners and private clients, we are familiar with the high individual requirements of every new space situation. In addition to taking measurements of the room acoustics and a room acoustic evaluation on site, CAD visualisations of the planned acoustic measures, and intensive consultation ahead of realisation, contribute to harmonious design concepts. With this in mind, we always adopt a comprehensive approach when creating our concept for acoustic measures. With each new challenge we want to offer our clients the best possible combination of acoustic functionality, materials and creative freedom.

apn concepts & projects

The planning competence at apn has grown steadily in the last years. Meanwhile
we also create and accompany extensive project planning over long periods of time, often with a sophisticated individual design – because every room is different. A successful concept for room acoustics takes into account the architecture and interior design of a building as well as the needs of the people who stay in the affected rooms.

Grace to the complex and sophisticated concept developments according to customer requirements, which require individual development and intensive planning, we grounded the company apn concepts & projects on 01.01.2018. From the consultation over the planning of the room acoustics up to the execution we work closely side by side with our customers. So that we can finally present you with an optimal combination of appearance, design and acoustics.