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Holistic acoustic solutions

SOUND, SIGHT, TOUCH – OUR SENSES ARE INTRICATELY INTERCONNECTED. As a specialist for individual acoustic solutions with design ambitions, we transform interiors into comfortable feel-good spaces.

A space lives of its architecture, light and colour and a stylish interior. However, in addition to these visible elements, there is another aspect that signifi cantly defines the character and feel of a space:

The room acoustics.

Professional acoustic solutions signifi cantly infl uence whether we enjoy spending time in spaces, feel at ease there or are able to focus on our work. Spaces that feel cosy, pleasant and friendly promote inspiration, relaxation and creativity. Such places almost always impress with sophisticated acoustic solutions that seamlessly combine aesthetics and acoustics. Because in contrast to all other senses, hearing cannot be “switched off”.

Listening and understanding.

In all of our room acoustics projects, the first step is to give our full attention to all of your individual wishes. We take our time to get to know your priorities, preferences and needs. We then translate all of these aspects into a comprehensive, integrated room acoustics and noise protection concept that combines acoustic effectiveness with visual beauty.

The eye hears too.

As specialists in the field of room acoustics, we are able to transform working and living  spaces into places of calm and relaxation. To this end, we have a large number of noise-reducing acoustic elements at our disposal. However, room acoustics and noise protection by themselves are not that interesting. They start to become interesting when these acoustic concepts are perfectly in tune with the architecture, ambience and atmosphere of a space. It’s this combination of design and room acoustics that makes our daily work really exciting.