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Noise protection for Industry and Production Facilities

Our noise protection systems for industry ensure effective noise protection at the workplace, so that your employees can enjoy a healthy workplace at all times.

Whenever people work alongside machines or engines, effective noise protection solutions are required. Noise protection in industry – also called industrial acoustics – sets high requirements and demands noise protection concepts that are tailored to the respective production and factory halls. For the protection of employees’ health, to minimise absenteeism, to improve the working climate and to remain in compliance with the relevant directives and regulations concerning noise protection in industrial environments. Not only machines, power units or engines increase noise pollution in industrial halls, factories and workshops, noise-reflecting surfaces also amplify noise and contribute to exhausting acoustics in industrial operations. Without a noise protection concept tuned specifically to industry, in the long term the noise levels at work can contribute to lack of concentration, loss of performance, and to an increased absenteeism. Targeted noise protection measures in industry help to increase people’s quality of work and the working atmosphere in the long term by considerably lowering the noise and sound level.

Professional noise protection for industry

There are two ways of considerably improving noise protection in industry: First, in the specific area of industrial acoustics, the source of the noise takes centre stage here, so that disruptive noises can be nipped in the bud. With the aid of high-quality noise absorbers, noise protection walls, noise protection cladding and other noise protection solutions, the sound pressure level emitted by machinery is quietened, so that it can no longer spread further in the production or factory hall. In addition, high levels of noise protection in industry can be achieved through the general improvement of acoustic conditions in factory and production halls. In assembly halls and production halls, unfavourable noise strains are caused by superimpositions of different sound waves in particular, which are able to spread in larger workshops uninhibited. As a rule, without noise protection measures the sound’s reverberation time corresponds to the size of the space – the larger the space, the longer the reverberation time. At the same time, noise reflections generate a typical industry noise, which is favoured in industrial operations by the installation of sound-hard materials on walls and ceilings. These sound reflections can be significantly curtailed by means of suitable noise protection measures for industrial acoustics. Curtailing the reverberation prevents the noise from spreading throughout the factory hall.

Your partner for noise protection and industrial acoustics

We draw up suitable noise protection concepts for your industrial facilities, workshops and production halls. Highly effective wall and ceiling systems, such as APN’s industry baffle, are designed specifically for noise protection in industry and noise reduction in assembly halls and workshops. Reverberation and noise levels are effectively lowered for employees’ protection with the aid of dimensionally stable and vertically arranged noise absorbers. Naturally, the flexibly deployable industry baffles and all industry noise protection solutions from APN fulfil all health and safety regulations concerning noise and vibration.

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