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Acoustics in Healthcare

Tranquillity is the best medicine. The combination of a calming ambience and healthy acoustic surroundings supports the recovery process.

Good acoustics in healthcare promotes recovery and minimises stress for patients and staff. Scientific studies on acoustics in healthcare have demonstrated this fact time and time again. Hospitals, practices, clinics and senior care homes therefore require special noise protection and acoustic solutions that lower the daily noise level and guarantee a high degree of discretion. In the waiting room, at the reception desk, in hospital corridors, in the treatment room or in the cafeteria, the diverse spaces in healthcare demand different design and acoustic solutions that fit the architectonic surroundings and comply with hygienic standards.

Noise protection and acoustics as factors in healthcare

For reasons of hygiene above all, hard and smooth surfaces dominate in healthcare institutions. However, these surfaces contribute to an increase in noise reflection and therefore trigger that acoustic feeling of unease that is so typical for hospitals. Footsteps and elevator noises, voices, alarm signals and the buzzing and peeping of medical devices combine to form a disruptive acoustic backdrop that has a strong influence on the wellbeing of patients and staff.

Room acoustics meets practice architecture: The healing effect of acoustics and architecture

These days, the interplay between pleasant room acoustics and modern clinic and practice architecture is increasingly in focus when new healthcare institutions are being designed. The aim is to create a harmonious environment for patients and staff. For example, when clinics and doctors’ practices are being designed, the focus tends to be on warm colours and classy design elements, which promotes a confidential, health-promoting atmosphere. To meet these needs, APN’s room acoustic elements for healthcare unite functionality and design. Our acoustic solutions offer a large degree of design freedom with outstanding sound absorption characteristics. For example, our stylish ceiling sails, vertically suspended acoustic baffle systems or chic wall absorbers are available in many sizes, colours and forms, as well as with built-in illumination. In everyday life in practice and clinic, these acoustic elements work to reduce disruptive incidental noises, limit reverberation times and absorb unwanted noise reflection. In addition, we produce the highly effective acoustic wall absorbers with print or optionally covered with textile or felt. As additional design elements, APN’s acoustic solutions are real eye-catching features in any practice, clinic and on any ward.

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