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Acoustics for Catering & Hotels

Five-star room acoustics: Our design acoustic solutions are guaranteed to be to your taste

An exquisite menu with good conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, that is generally what you would expect from a lovely evening at a restaurant. Yet in many catering establishments, restaurants and hotels, imbalanced room acoustics thwart these plans, as the acoustics have not been optimally tuned to the catering industry and dining room. The experience at a catering establishment is closely associated with acoustics, regardless of how good the cuisine is. When a diner steps into a catering establishment or hotel, in addition to the visual first impression, acoustic impressions considerably contribute to their assessment of the overall atmosphere. And in catering, business success is probably more dependent on a pleasant atmosphere than in almost any other sector.

Excellent acoustics concepts for excellent catering establishments

As soon as the number of diners increases, the use of hard interior decoration materials in catering establishments or hotels rapidly leads to a deterioration in acoustics, as the noise level rises. Conversations at neighbouring tables become palpably louder, speech intelligibility rapidly decreases; in addition, restaurant-typical incidental noises, combined with background music, lead to a sound backdrop that is a strain on the ears. In catering, long reverberation times have an incredibly disruptive effect on diners’ private conversations and sense of wellbeing.

APN’s acoustic design solutions can be elegantly integrated into each style of interior design concept and feel – from traditional restaurant and trendy bar to luxury hotel. In the best case, room acoustics is already taken into consideration when a catering or hotel business is being designed, in the form of an individual acoustics concept. However, our design acoustic elements can also be retrofitted without any difficulties.


Stylish acoustic design

In order to improve room acoustics, acoustic ceilings, acoustic ceiling sails or wall absorbers, as well as acoustic baffle solutions – optionally with built-in lighting as well – are frequently used in the catering and hotel business. Design acoustic elements, adapted to the space’s style and ambience and freely positioned in the room, can also be considered. Our acoustic ceiling systems and sound absorbers unobtrusively blend in with the catering establishment’s style, or can provide individual touches to the interior design, if desired. Our aim for acoustics in catering and the hotel business is to develop aesthetically appealing room acoustics elements which, in the best case, are not even recognisable as such, but make a considerable contribution to the desired mood and style of the establishment.