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Acoustic Solutions for Schools and Educational Institutions

Learning without noise: Balanced acoustics are essential in schools and educational institutions.

Minimising disruptive noises and improving acoustics in kindergartens, schools and lecture rooms promotes speech intelligibility, increases learning success and has a positive influence on the wellbeing of students and teachers. Various studies on school acoustics have impressively proven the influence of room acoustics on learning success in educational institutions. What it boils down to is, if you can hardly hear a thing, you won’t understand anything, either. Renovating the room’s acoustics can provide a swift remedy here. In addition, the rich variety in forms of modern teaching – from “chalk and talk” to project and group work – means that demands on the room acoustic configuration of classrooms and other learning and teaching spaces have increased immensely.

From day-care to university:

Applying room acoustic concepts at schools promote learning success. School noise or excessive noise build-up in day-care centres only rarely has anything to do with the competence of teachers, lecturers and child-care professionals. Rather, teaching staff and childcare professionals suffer just as much as pupils, students and children from the frequently poor acoustics at educational institutions. In many schools, echoing classrooms impair acoustics while teaching and increase the noise level.
The so-called “Lombard effect” usually comes into play with classroom acoustics and generally in spaces with poor spatial acoustics. A typical phenomenon for acoustics in educational institutions: When there is background noise, people automatically talk louder and at a higher pitch. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the noise levels and constant escalation of the overall background noise. It is this effect that can be avoided by balancing acoustics in schools and other educational institutions. Renovating the acoustics can similarly sustainably improve acoustics in lecture rooms or acoustics in kindergartens and day-care centres.

Individual acoustic solutions for every place of learning in education

Improving room acoustics in schools and day-care centres is often a complicated task. Measures in the field of acoustics usually need to be harmonised with a tight budget, limited assembly times and aesthetic criteria. It’s a good thing that we specialise in individual acoustic solutions. Moreover, our integrated acoustic solutions offer great aesthetic touches to the space in question, in tune with the specific educational requirements. For example, for the day-care and kindergarten sector we chiefly produce colourful, frameless acoustic absorbers, as these acoustic elements rule out risk of injury on account of their material properties.

Retrofitted acoustic renovation in educational institutions

We also offer the possibility of renovating room acoustics in teaching spaces and day-care centres at any time in the form of retrofitted acoustic renovation. To do so, we first analyse the space’s acoustic situation by examining the room and material properties, and meticulously determine reverberation times, noise reflections and the noise level within the teaching space. After that, we draw up a concept, harmonised with the architecture and strictly in accordance with room acoustics norm DIN 18041, which specifically contributes to reduction of the reverberation time and to lowering the overall noise level. As such, we enhance the audibility of speech while simultaneously suppressing disruptive ambient noises, making learning great fun again thanks to acoustic renovation.