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acoustic products for different target groups

Peace and quiet, at least. We don’t always recognise good room acoustics. But a bad one. Acoustic products create a feel-good atmosphere – also retrospectively installed.

Listen very carefully –

every day, we are surrounded by countless noises. Sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes droning and deafening. Particularly in today’s working world, we are exposed to scattered noise sources that put a strain on the room’s acoustic climate. This can affect both people’s physical and mental wellbeing as well as impair their performance in the workplace. Carefully considered room acoustics counteract these effects and considerably contributes to your wellbeing at work.

Acoustic products as required.

Every room is different, that’s why we specifically redesign acoustic elements for every room project. A successful concept for room acoustics takes into account the needs of people using the rooms as well as the architecture and interior design of a building.
In addition, it is of great significance what kind of use the concerned premises have. Whether nurseries, schools, offices, practices, restaurants or production halls – each sector has different demands on room acoustics. We work closely side by side with our clients, from the first consultation over the planning of the room acoustics up to the the mounting. We listen to you and include the above-named criteria in the conception. This way, in the end, we can present an optimum combination of aesthetics, acoustics and design.