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Free standing acoustic screen apn Area Flex Dorna

The apn acoustic screen fleet allows not only a room acoustic improvement but also a flexible solution for spatial change.

Good acoustics for a better concentration.

Being able to fully focus on your work is crucially dependent on office acoustics. Therefore, in open-plan offices, in particular, acoustic solutions are required that combine space  division and room acoustics in a chic and skilful way. The apn Area Flex acoustic screen not only sustainably improves the acoustics, it is also well suitable to separate specific work areas from each other and structure larger spaces optically and acoustically.

For example, individual office workspaces can be descreetly visually and acoustically screened off. Areas of conversation, break rooms, quiet zones, the design products in the apn Area Flex acoustic planning range allow you to flexibly structure any room in terms of space and acoustics at any time, and can also be adapted to changing space requirements at short notice.

Akustik Stellwand apn Area Flex Dorna 45



Greatest flexibility.

As free standing elements, apn Area Flex Dorna offers greatest flexibility in spatial change and acoustic improvement.


Covered with felt or fabrics – whether uni or “Bi-Color” (different coating on both sides or border) – more than 150 different colours of felts and fabrics are available.


4 different screens feet to choose from, connectors of the screens are optionally available, customized dimensions -even in low quantities.

Use of acoustic screens apn Area Flex Dorna 45:

Offices, educational institutions, gastronomy and hotels, health care sector

Technical specifications
Noise absorption measurement Space structuring element
Acoustic structuring element
Format (in mm): 1,600 x 1,200 x 50
Technical Specifications
Dimensions wxhxd1000 × 1600 × 45
1200 × 1800 × 45
1200 × 2000 × 45
1600 × 1350 × 45
1800 × 1350 × 45
2000 × 1350 × 45
Further dimensions on request
Edge designencircling border strips coated with fabrics or felt
Kante der Akustik Stellwand apn Area Flex Dorna 45
Surfaceapn fabric collections K1-K6
Sound absorption classBasic material A acc. to DIN EN ISO 354
Construction material classAbsorber material: A2-s1, d0 gem. DIN EN 13501-1
Felts & Fabrics: surface-dependent
CleaningDamp cloth
DemountabilityEasy demountability, flexible conversion possible
Interior climateSuitable for use in rooms of ISO category 6 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
Humidity resistanceAPN acoustic absorbers from the space structuring series are dimensionally stable up to a relative humidity of 95 % at 30 ° C (acc. to DIN EN ISO 4611)
WeightApprox. 6 kg/m²
Screen foot
apn Duo 1 apn Mono M/L1 apn Mono M/L2
DescriptionStellwandfuß apn Duo 1, Zubehör für apn Area FlexStellwandfuß apn Mono 1, Zubehör für apn Area FlexStellwandfuß apn Mono 2, Zubehör für apn Area Flex
Dimensions wxhxd75 × 250 × 450500 × 450 × 300500 × 450 × 300
Connectorsapn Milliapn Kiki 1apn Kiki 2
DescriptionConrer and straight connectors
3-part connector
4-part connector
Dimensions lxd80 × 3580 × 8080 × 125