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Room dividing system apn Area Flex

The apn Area Flex product range of acoustic elements flexibly adabt to your needs and create small islands of calm and concentration.

The continuing trend away from individual offi ce spaces towards teamwork in an open office landscape as well as the conversion of existing buildings and increasing mobile work in public areas have increased the demand for high-quality room acoustics. Therefore, acoustics in the offi ce becomes a genuine competitive factor.

No matter the type of office environment – we develop and offer accurately harmonised and aesthetically appealing acoustic solutions, that enable a creative working atmosphere and contribute to employees’ health and wellbeing.

With our apn Area Flex product range, we are responding to modern interior design requirements such as the conversion of factory buildings into open office landscapes and generous creative areas. In addition to improving room acoustics, the elements of the apn Area Flex product family also provides flexible room division.



apn Area Flex provides:


Free-standing, suspended or as table top unit, the apn Area Flex acoustic elements offer all variants for spacial and acoustic improvement.


From a single product to your own series, you will receive a product solution perfectly matched to your requirements.


ue to an enormous selection of different surfaces such as fabrics, felts or textile printing, the acoustic elements of the APN Area Flex room division can be individually designed. It is also possible to supplement the planned room division with transparent PET elements.