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Luminaire apn Lamella LUX

Simply illuminating: with additional lights, we turn our acoustic elements into a real show. We have simply named this addition apn Lamella Lux.

Are you looking for a stylish combination of acoustics and light? In the office, kindergarten, doctor’s practice or catering business? We have the solution. Due to an optically adapted design the luminaire APN Lamella Lux combined with the APN Lamella acoustic baffle, produces a homogeneous ceiling profile and a cosy atmosphere in the room. At individually tailored intervals and in variable sizes, the APN Lamella Lux can be staggered both behind one another and next to one another on the ceiling. Being vertically suspended, our luminaires, as a complement to our acoustic baffles with optimum noise absorption values, create a motivating, perfectly illuminated working environment.

Discreet lighting design

As interior architecture design elements, the APN Lamella Lux open up a wide range of possibilities for use. The LED lights in the APN Lamella Lux can be accurately arranged and sized to adapt to each situation’s light requirements. Moreover, the appealing combination of function and aesthetics makes the APN Lamella Lux an ideal option for use in buildings with thermally activated ceilings. Moreover, the light baffles can be used in rooms in which unobstructed access to the ceiling is to remain assured for optimum air circulation.


Ideal lighting complement:

Its built-in LED light sources mean that the APN Lamella Lux can be used as a lighting element.

Optimum overall appearance:

On account of its baffle look, the luminaire APN Lamella Lux fits perfectly into an overall design that uses APN Lamella acoustic baffles.

APN Lamella Lux can be used in:

Offices, educational establishments, gastronomy & hotels, healthcare sector, production facilities.

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
HousingSheet steel edged, white, powder-coated; light control possible by means of opal or prismatic discs as well as mirror louvre
Light sourceLED, light colour 3,000 K & 4,000 K (other colour temperatures upon request); T-16 fluorescent tube; 21/39 Watt | 28/54 Watt | 35/49 Watt; 230 – 240 V; 50 – 60 Hz
Emergency lightPossible – switching relay, single battery
Protection class1
Electrical equipmentElectronic multi-watt ballast with lamp-preserving warm start, optionally dimmable DALI or 1-10 V
Radio interference suppressionacc. to EC directives
Electrical connectionTerminal clamp 3 x 2.5 mm² respectively 5 x 2 mm² (dimmable model) or quick-mount system through connector technology
Light distribution curve with prismatic disc
Models (lxwxh; indications in mm)
14/24 Watt600 x 40 x 100/200/300/400
21/39 Watt1.000 x 40 x 100/200/300/400
28/54 Watt1.200 x 40 x 100/200/300/400
35/49 Watt1.500 x 40 x 100/200/300/400
Mounting options
APN (e)single hanging:
Baffle blades are single suspended on wire ropes.
Minimum suspension height: 50 mmAPN-e-Baffel
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