acoustic ceiling sail apn Vinta A

The apn Vinta A acoustic sails reduce and  optimise the  reverberation on the ceiling, minimise the sound level and give rooms a new aesthetic at the same time.

Individual colouring.

All colours of the RAL or NCS colour palettes are available as surface color of the acoustic ceiling sail apn Vinta A. Whether brightly coloured, discreetly homogeneous or in corporate design colours – in addition to improving room acoustics, our acoustic ceiling panels offer individual design options.

As a special option, our wall panels can also be printed by direct printing. This turns highly absorbent sound absorbers into decorative images.



Easy & flexible mounting.

Fewer suspension points and flexible adjustment, made possible by the apn SYS-C rail

plug ’n’ play ceiling sail mounting directly beneath the ceiling by using the patented apn SYS-Z profile.

Customized dimensions.

Individual sizes & tailored shapes of the acoustic wall absorbers – even in small quantities.

Wide range of colours.

acoustic fleece in RAL or NCS Code or direct printing.

apn Vinta acoustic ceiling sails can be used in

Offices, educational establishments, gastronomy & hotels, healthcare sector, production facilities.

Technical Specifications
Sound absorption measurement Acoustic Ceiling Sail (measurement configuration acc. to DIN EN ISO 11654/97)
apn (z)
construction height: 55 mm
Format: 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm
APN Deckensegel Schallabsorptionsmessung APN (z)
apn (e) and apn (eT)
construction height: 200 mm
Format: 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm
APN Deckensegel APN e vs eT
Reverberation time measurement (example)
Meeting Room
Floor area: 13 m²
Room volume: 45 m³
Absorber area: 6,48 m²
APN Deckensegel Beispiel für Nachhallzeit Messung
Technical specifications
Dimensions (lxb, in mm)Up to 2,400 x 1,200 as single element.
Larger elements are possible in modular form (max. width excluding seam: 1,600)
Sound absorption classA acc. to DIN EN ISO 354
Construction material classabsorber board: A2-S1, d0 acc. DIN EN 13501-1
Standard finishacoustic fleece; white, similar to RAL 9003
Light reflectance85 %, 99 % diffus
Cleaningacoustic fleece: damp wipeable
DemountabilityEasy demountability
Interior climateSuitable for use in rooms of ISO category 6 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
Humidity resistanceDimensionally stable up to a relative humidity of 95 % at 30 ° C (acc. to DIN EN ISO 4611)
WeightApprox. 4.5 kg/m²
SurfaceAcoustic fleece
Special coloursAccording to RAL or NCS code; individual direct printing
Formatindividual dimensions
Edge designscircumferentially coated or coloured
Mounting optionsDirect mounting by means of apn SYS-Z profi le; suspended on wire rope with apn SYS-C rail
apnAcoustic ceiling sail with sharp edgescharfe-kante
apn vAcoustic ceiling sail with tapered edge verjuengte-Kante-querschnitt
 apn gAcoustic ceiling sail with stepped edgegestufte-kante-querschnitt-002
Mounting options
Direct mounting using patented apn SYS-Z profile.
Installation height: 60 mm.
Suspension using wire ropes on the apn SYS-C rail.
Fewer suspension points and flexible adjustment.
Integration of existing light fixtures using the apn SYS-C rail and apn SYS-Crossbeam.
Acoustic ceiling sail with additional low-frequency absorber suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes. Minimum suspension height: 200 mmBefestigung-tiefenabsorber-querschnitt