Acoustic baffle apn Lamella

APN Lamella acoustic baffles are suspended beneath the ceiling and quieten rooms of all sizes from high up above.

Due to their low tare weight, acoustic baffles are often used in spaces with high ceilings in order to reduce the noise level and considerably limit the reverberation time. The generally panel-shaped acoustic baffle panels can be easily and effortlessly mounted on the ceiling as a suspension system and lend spaces an optically clear structure.

Acoustic baffles find particular use as ceiling baffles in rooms with concrete core-activated, unclad ceilings, in order to guarantee unobstructed access to the untreated ceiling as well as optimum air circulation.


All colours of the RAL or NCS colour palettes are available as surface color of the acoustic baffle apn Lamella. Whether brightly coloured, discreetly homogeneous or in corporate design colours – in addition to improving room acoustics, our acoustic baffles offer individual design options.

The steplessly adjustable wire rope suspension allows you to individually adapt both the suspension height as well as the configuration of the baffle elements at any time. This allows the straight-line absorber panels apn Lamella to be individually installed and displayed in every room. Whether discreet and unaffected or as a conscious design element.


Customized dimensions.

Individual sizes & tailored shapes of the acoustic baffles – even in small quantities.

Optimal air circulation.

Acoustic baffles are ideally suitable for concrete core-activated ceilings; cooling capacity reduction < 3.1 %.

Wide range of colours.

acoustic fleece in RAL or NCS Code or direct printing.

APN Lamella acoustic baffles can be used in

Offices, educational establishments, gastronomy & hotels, healthcare sector, production facilities

Technical specifications
Sound absorption measurement Acoustic baffle (absorption surface according to ISO 354)
APN (k)
Baffle height: 100 mm
Centre distance: 140 mm
Air cavity above baffle: 0 mm
APN (e)
Baffle height: 200 mm
Centre distance: 300 mm
Air cavity above baffle: 100 mm
Technical specifications
Dimensions (lxw; in mm)Standard: 2,400 x 200/300; further dimensions avaiable on request
Construction material classAbsorber board: A2-S1, d0 acc. to DIN EN 13501-1
Standard surfaceAcoustic fleece; white, similar to RAL 9003
Cooling capacity reduction<= 3,1 %
CleaningDamp wipeable
DemountabilityEasy demountability (Acoustic panels with fixing variant glued (k) are limited reusable)
Interior climateSuitable for use in rooms of ISO category 6 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
Humidity resistanceDimensionally stable up to a relative humidity of 95 % at 30 ° C (acc. to DIN EN ISO 4611)
Weightapprox. 4 kg/m²
SurfaceAcoustic fleece
Special coloursAcc. to RAL or NCS Code
FormatIndiv. forms possible (according to CAD template)
Border designsframeless circumferentially colour-coated
Mounting optionsAPN (e) single hanging; APN (h) free-hanging; APN (k) glued
Further VersionsStandard baffle, frameless; Ball impact-resistand baffl e with aluminium frame
Mounting variants
APN (e)single hanging:
Baffle blades are single suspended on wire ropes.
Minimum suspension height: 50 mmAPN-e-Baffel
APN (h)free-hanging:
Baffles suspended on horizontal wire rope systems
Minimum suspension height: 80 mmAPN-h-baffel
APN (k)glued:
Baffles directly glued on ceiling.apn-k-baffel