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APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sail with built-in light.

Harmonious light settings relax people. Even more so when combined with agreeable acoustics. Our APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sail offers the best of both worlds.

Calm, harmony and mood lighting, in addition to acoustics, a room’s light is a crucial factor in whether or not we feel at ease and are able to focus on our work. Just like poor acoustics, unpleasant lighting can turn into a stress factor in the long run and impact your working performance. Uniting these two factors – light and acoustics – in one acoustic ceiling system was therefore a logical choice for us. The APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sails, developed in-house, with built-in lighting system open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of light-architectonic and acoustic interior design. Depending on your architect or interior designer’s concept, the acoustic ceiling sails from the APN Vinta Lux series can either be unobtrusively integrated in the ceiling design or catch the eye as an interior architecture design feature. Due to the combination of light and acoustics in one system, there are virtually no limits to the freedom of design for shapely and incredible, luminous ceiling configurations.

Acoustic design and light technology on equal footing

Whether in prestigious company rooms, in the foyer, in restaurants, in schools or in the office – in all spaces where people work, study or enjoy their free time, creative light concepts and acoustic solutions are in demand. The APN Vinta Lux tailored acoustic ceiling sails offers both lighting and acoustics, as highly effective and energy-efficient LED lighting with variable intensity and modifiable light colour are integrated in the acoustic element. Depending on the time of day, the LED lights in the acoustic ceiling sails can be tuned perfectly to the desired mood, lighting requirements and interior, thereby creating a harmonious combination of lighting and acoustics. The result is optimal light comfort with complete noise absorption. It goes without saying that the APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sail is available in all colours and shapes, and comes with the practical APN suspension systems. And, naturally, we can also tailor the APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sail for all your small projects in small quantities.


Integrated light sources.

As the acoustic ceiling sails have integrated LED bulbs they can simultaneously be used as lighting elements that are also suitable for monitor workstations.

Easy & flexible mounting.

Fewer suspension points and flexible adjustment, made possible by the APN SYS-C rail, simplify mounting the acoustic ceiling sails. We also offer the possibility of plug ’n’ play ceiling sail mounting directly beneath the ceiling using the patented APN SYS-Z profile.

Free forms & costomized dimensions.

We produce individual sizes and tailored ceiling sail formats even in small quantities.

Wide range of colors.

Our acoustic ceiling sails are available in a large colour selection according to RAL or NCS codes. Or you can choose from a range of over 60 felt and textile coating your favorite for your APN acoustic ceiling sail, according to the colour charts APN fabric collections K1-K6.

APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sails can be used in:

Offices, educational establishments, gastronomy & hotels, healthcare sector, production facilities.

Technical Specifications
Sound absorption measurement Acoustic Ceiling Sail (measurement configuration acc. to DIN EN ISO 11654/97)
APN (z)
construction height: 55 mm
Format: 2.400 mm x 1.200 mm
APN Deckensegel Schallabsorptionsmessung APN (z)
APN (e) und APN (eT)
construction height: 200 mm
Format: 2.400 mm x 1.200 mm
APN Deckensegel APN e vs eT
Light source
Fitted lamp with 10 cells
LED 20 W
1800 lm
Warm White
Flood aperture
Technical specifications
Dimensions (lxb, in mm)Up to 2,400 x 1,200 as single element.
Larger elements are possible in modular form (max. width excluding seam: 1,600)
Sound absorption classA acc. to DIN EN ISO 354
material class
Absorber board: A2-S1, d0 acc. to DIN EN 13501-1
Fleece & Fabrics: Surface-dependent
Standard surfaceAcoustic fleece, white, similar to RAL 9003
Light reflectance85 %, 99 % diffus
CleaningSurface-dependent; acoustic fleece: damp wipeable; fabrics: dry wipeable
DemountabilityEasy demountability
Interior climateSuitable for use in rooms of ISO category 6 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
Humidity resistanceDimensionally stable up to a relative humidity of 95 % at 30 ° C (acc. to DIN EN ISO 4611)
WeightApprox. 4,5 kg/m²
SurfaceAcoustic fleece, fabrics, felt, direct print
Special coloursAccording to RAL or NCS code; fabrics according to colour chart (more than 60 surfaces)
FormatIndividual free forms possible (according to CAD template)
Edge designsSharp-edged, tapered edge, stepping edge, circumferentially colour-coated
Mounting optionsDirect mounting by means of APN SYS-Z profi le; suspended on wire rope with APN SYS-C rail
Edge Designs
APNAcoustic ceiling sail with sharp edge suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes or directly suspended using patented APN SYS-Z profilesscharfe-kante
APN vAcoustic ceiling sail with tapered edge suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes or directly suspended using patented APN SYS-Z profilesverjuengte-Kante-querschnitt
APN gAcoustic ceiling sail with stepped edge suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes or directly suspended using patented APN SYS-Z profilesgestufte-kante-querschnitt-002
Mounting options
APN (e)acoustic ceiling sail suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes. Few suspension points and flexible
APN (z) direkt
Acoustic ceiling sail mounted using patented APN SYS-Z profile
Construction height: 60 mm
APN (eT)Acoustic ceiling sail with additional low-frequency absorber suspended on APN SYS-C rail using wire ropes.
Minimum suspension height: 200 mm
Mounting options
Direct mounting using patented APN SYS-Z profile.
Installation height: 60 mm.
Suspension using wire ropes on the APN SYS-C rail.
Fewer suspension points and flexible adjustment.C-Schiene-Montage

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