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Whether vertical or horizontal, discreet or highlighted – the apn acoustic ceiling solutions for improving room acoustics leave nothing to be desired. As floating elements the apn baffles and apn ceiling sails calm rooms from the very top.

Room acoustics can be optimized in many ways. As a rule, measures to improve the room acoustics begins on the ceiling. Acoustic elements on the ceiling are a good choise to be integrated discreetly into the desired room appearance. In contrast, in large open spaces – such as galleries – you can realise real eye-catchers on the ceiling. For both variants we at apn have optimal acoustic ceiling solutions that fit your individual ideas.



apn Vinta acoustic ceiling sails offer outstanding sound absorption characteristics and, with their attractive look, will surely add a touch of sophistication to your spaces. Acoustic ceiling sails are particularly popular in offices, educational establishments or in the gastronomy and health care sectors. In all rooms in which traditional acoustic ceiling systems reach their limits due to installation, acoustic ceiling sails are attractive and elegant alternatives. Whether discreetly designed or spectacularly staged – acoustic ceiling sails reduce and optimise reverberation on the ceiling, reduce the sound level and simultaneously provide rooms with a new aesthetic.

Calm, harmony and mood lighting, in addition to acoustics, a room’s light is a crucial factor in whether or not we feel at ease and are able to focus on our work. Just like poor acoustics, unpleasant lighting can turn into a stress factor in the long run and impact your working performance. Uniting these two factors – light and acoustics – in one acoustic ceiling system was therefore a logical choice for us. The APN Vinta Lux acoustic ceiling sails, developed in-house, with built-in lighting system open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of light-architectonic and acoustic interior design. Depending on your architect or interior designer’s concept, the acoustic ceiling sails from the apn Vinta Lux series can either be unobtrusively integrated in the ceiling design or catch the eye as an interior architecture design feature. Due to the combination of light and acoustics in one system, there are virtually no limits to the freedom of design for shapely and incredible, luminous ceiling configurations.

Due to their low tare weight, acoustic baffles apn lamella are often used in spaces with high ceilings in order to reduce the noise level and considerably limit the reverberation time. The generally panel-shaped acoustic baffle blades can be easily and effortlessly mounted on the ceiling as a suspension system and lend spaces an optically clear structure. Acoustic baffles find particular use as ceiling baffles in rooms with concrete core-activated, unclad ceilings, in order to guarantee unobstructed access to the untreated ceiling as well as optimum air circulation. Acoustic baffles are likewise particularly suitable for rooms that make use of natural daylight through skylights.

As interior architecture design elements, the apn Lamella Lux open up a wide range of possibilities for use. The LED lights in the apn Lamella Lux can be accurately arranged and sized to adapt to each situation’s light requirements.